The Little Book Ministry


“Adopting” a display rack is simple - just send us an e-mailed or postal mailed request and your rack will be on its way to you as soon as we have your mailing information.

After you receive your “adopted” display rack kit, which includes a filled display rack and enough extra books for one complete refill of the rack, please follow these instructions to maximize the potential of your display rack:

Please take a photo of the rack on display and send us the photo along with the name and address of the location. If you use a digital camera, you may email the photo to us. We will add the photo to our website and send a “thank you” note to the display location. Include a contact name at the location if possible.

Here are some guidelines we have found helpful in using the Little Book display racks:

  1. The racks are most successful in high traffic areas such as doctor and dentist office waiting rooms, convenience stores, laundromats (preferably those with an attendant on duty), grocery stores, etc. It is our goal to reach the most people possible with the message of salvation.

  2. Once you have selected a location, check the rack once a week to see how many of the books are being distributed. Once you verify how rapidly they are depleted, you will know how often to check the rack. Please do not allow the rack to sit empty.

  3. When you have verified which book titles are the most popular, be sure to keep an ample supply of those titles on hand. You may contact us by mail or by email and we will send a new supply of books to you. We also have additional racks available should you need them.

  4. Pray – ask the Lord to bless your display rack and the lives that the Little Books will touch.

Four Row - English

Two Row - English

Two Row - Spanish